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Australian Baroque Brass

Chamber Performances
The Attucks Theater Presents Beverly Kane Baker
Allen Shaffer's All Mozart Program
TODI's Bach Chamber Concert
Anastasia Migliozzi, viola; Anibal Acosta, guitar; and Stephen Walsh, recorder and piano

Chamber Performances 2
Hardwick Chamber Ensemble: Music by John Winsor
John Winsor's Award-Winning CD
Eastern Virginia Brass at Chrysler Museum

Chamber Performances 3
Duo Recital at Chandler Hall Launches New CD: Anibal Acosta, guitar; Stephen Walsh, recorder and piano
Summer in the City:
Anastasia Migliozzi, viola; Aníbal Acosta, guitar;
Stephen Walsh, recorders & piano; Daniel Walsh, marimba

Chamber Performances 4
Tidewater Classical Guitar Orchestra at Hermitage Museum and Gardens
Feldman Chamber Music Society: Lark String Quartet

Chamber Performances 5
Live Flamenco in Seville
Acosta, Migliozzi, Walsh Trio

Chamber Performances 6
WCMS: The Doric String Quartet
Acosta, Migliozzi, Walsh Trio 2017

Duetto Espressivo

Ensemble Baroque


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