Chrystal E. Williams, mezzo-soprano
Willett Hall Recital & 13th Annual An Evening with Chrystal E.

Governor's School for the Arts Orchestra
The Year 1905

Authentic Flamenco in Seville



Virginia Childrens Chorus New Orleans Tour & Farewell Concert
Monday, June 20th

Williamsburg Choral Guild
Singers' Summer Workshop

Monday, June 20th

VAF: Williamsburg Coffee Concerts
June 23rd & 24th

Anna Sterrett, Soprano
Sing Me a Story

Sunday, June 26th

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What is art song?

  An art song might be defined as "a poem set to music, usually for trained voice and piano accompaniment with a duration of about three minutes." The German word for such classical song is Lied (singular) and Lieder (plural), so that you will hear the terms "art song," "lied" and "lieder" used interchangeably. In France the term is Melodie, and in Italy, Romanza. But more than this simple . . .

Art Song Societies on the East Coast

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