Madame Butterfly

      If you attended Virginia Opera's Madame Butterfly and then read Lee Tepley's insightful review in the Virginian Pilot and also the one in Port Folio Weekly by B.J. Atkinson, you are definitely left on you own to decide what you experienced!

      Two observations: I found the singing glorious throughout and the director of this production emphasized the love duet aspect of Butterfly and Pinkerton (first and third act only, of course) more than any other I've seen. The antics of the wedding party seemed background while the couple's singing together was the essence of the play. Pinkerton's return in time to see her suicide enhanced that aspect.

      I left the theater feeling that Thomas Rolf Truhitte had portrayed Pinkerton so that I found his dilemma as tragic as Butterfly's; each a victim of their social milieu with no way out. They were both young and inexperienced when they met. Once having experienced love with each other, they were joined together with two irreconcilable world views.

Free Opera Programs Offered to Local Groups

      The Virginia Opera has announced a new program with Glenn Winters as Community Outreach Musical Director. Operation Opera, which will be the largest of its kind in the United States, will offer high energy presentations geared toward adults, from college students to senior citizens, including explorations of Virginia Opera's productions, basic opera primers and advanced master classes. The programs will be designed to fit each adult group's needs and interests. There is no charge to the group for a presentation.

      Glenn Winters has a diverse background in music. He has composed three successful childrens musicals and a full length opera, Much Ado About Nothing. As a singer he has performed over a dozen baritone roles. His undergraduate and masters work were in piano at Indiana University and his Doctorate is from Northwestern. As a pianist he has been a soloist, accompanist and college level teacher. He has also worked as a chorusmaster and college arts administrator.

      "Operation Opera" programs can be scheduled by contacting Glenn Winters at 757-627-9545, extension 3304, or by email to

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